“For football, we know the demands; football is a game of inches and seconds. We know that timeframe and scale, and we know when, where, and how game day is played. Knowing this, we can precisely prepare for the demands of the sport. What we cannot control is the player’s talent: his instincts, and his ability to react to stress, pressure, and the opponent. We know what weapons we need in our arsenal and we will know when and how to use them. Optimum training results in optimum performance, and the optimally prepared athlete is in the position to make the best use of his talent, and thus to fulfill his potential as a player.”

John Welbourn, CrossFit Football Founder

Where do Rugby and other contact sports fit into CrossFit Football?

Rugby and other contact sports fit well with CrossFit Football. Our training builds a larger, stronger, faster athlete that will be able to endure the rigors of any contact sport. This applies well to sports like Rugby where toughness and the ability to endure are pivotal. (CrossFitFootball.com)