Franco Monteleone and Pat O’Keefe are the driving force behind Crossfit Steam. Tired and bored of the monotonous “gym routine,” they stumbled upon Crossfit and instantly found their calling. The two formed a friendship and in each other recognized an equal vision of what fitness and health define. It is their discipline, focus and desire that ignites their passion and fuels Crossfit Steam. They enjoy coaching people to live healthier and stronger lives while providing an exciting, encouraging and supportive environment.

Through Franco and Pat’s unique, hands-on approach, you will achieve and surpass your goals to rediscover vibrant health and tap into your natural athleticism. The Crossfit Method will be one of the hardest fitness programs you have ever endured; it will challenge you on every level and take you to places you never thought you could go mentally and physically. Like any other fitness program with substandard training, the system, is only as good as the trainer that administers it. They are dedicated to taking athletes to the next level and meet your training needs whether for your own personal development or if you are looking to train competitively.

At Crossfit Steam, you can expect an authentic Crossfit  facility; this is not just another copycat franchise. Their secret is focus: they don’t sell shoes or shakes, Groupons or boot camps; they do just one thing, CrossFit. Franco and Pat took into consideration the essentials needed in building and providing the “Ultimate CrossFit Experience” for their members. Their meticulous nature and attitude significantly enhance this experience, which is also evident in their design. The epitome of their success is built from their spirit, energy, determination and strong work ethic. They have poured their hearts into Crossfit Steam and created an environment conducive to building successful athletes and a strong sense of community.

Crossfit Steam doesn’t offer quick fixes and it is more than just a gym. It’s a complete lifestyle approach to health and wellness. It’s the chance to take your health to a new level, regardless of whether you are looking for weight loss, weight gain, athletic performance, energy, toning or any combination of those. They welcome the beginner to the accomplished athlete offering programs for every fitness level and ability.