CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity. It is a fitness program that is broad, general and inclusive by design. The aim is to improve your fitness by increasing your work capacity across broad time and modal domains.


Marc: “CrossFit is a community of like minded individuals working towards a common goal. Everyone has their own reason for joining CrossFit and your reason is probably different than mine, but everyone’s end goal is the same…better physical fitness. Each workout will test you physically and mentally, and push you outside your normal comfort zone. Not knowing what your WOD is going to be, is like the minutes before you take the field for a big game.  One thing I do know is that when you step in to the box, it’s “go” time.”

Jacqueline:  “CrossFit is a constant battle between strengths and weaknesses, not just physical but also emotional, mental and spiritual. CrossFit takes patience to see that the best improvement comes over time with the help of a supportive, diverse, and inspiring team, like CrossFit Steam.  CrossFit is the realization that giving up is the absolute easiest thing in the world to do but that finishing a workout, no matter the time, is true strength.  CrossFit in one word?  Humbling.”

Stephen: “CrossFit is the knot in my stomach before walking through that door and looking at the board. The mental preparation of doing something I’ve never done before. The drive to get better through blood, sweat, and shredded skin.  A never give up mentality, and the support to not let anyone else give up. CrossFit is a new way of life.”

Jackie:  “CrossFit for me means completing a challenge that seems impossible. I love that most workouts are timed. I think it keeps it fun and challenging without giving you the opportunity to get bored which often happens while you workout at a regular gym. CrossFit can make you realize that you have an inner energy and determination to finish a workout no matter how long it takes.”